Welcome to LeafShops.com

LeafShops are ultra niche consumer goods web sites that offer highly focused products from every brand imaginable to individuals and companies at discount prices.

What Sets Us Apart?
We offer "Just What You're Looking For" in abundance. For instance, if you're looking for a toaster, we offer myToasters.com which focuses entirely on toasters and toasting related products.

Maybe it's a cordless phone or notebook cooling pads. We have sites for those too! In all, LeafShops offer over 25 million products in every imaginable category.

Are LeafShops Secure?
Absolutely! Every one of our niche shopping sites use the best in online secure shopping technology and additional custom solutions.

What Does LeafShops Mean?
Great question! Let's put it in a way that's easily understood.
Trees have branches, branches have twigs, twigs have leaves! Interestingly, malls have stores, stores have departments and departments have items. The items are the leaves! So instead of wandering around, trying to find what you're looking for in the forest/mall and then only finding a half dozen to choose from, at LeafShops you get "Just What You're Looking For", an incredible amount of options and discount prices.

We hope this brings you closer to our Leafy family! Do note that this web site will be changing shortly to represent our company in a much better fashion. It will soon provide you access to our entire portfolio of shopping sites. Until then we hope you enjoy finding Just What You're Looking For at any one of our friendly LeafShops.



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